Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is incredibly important to us.  So much so that Presense was designed from the ground-up to be uber-privacy conscious.

Specifically, everything is designed to make sure the Presense app, its service, and operators can never see any of your contact or personal information. We do this by employing one-way encryption of the data we need to run the service using a salted SHA-1 hashing algorithm, all performed locally on your device.

In non-geek speak, this means our servers store the data we need for the app to operate in a garbled format, which cannot be reversed or read by anyone.  Our "secret sauce" allows us to use this garbled data in a way that enables your app to still work.

And – putting aside the fact that we can't read your data – we will never sell or market any information about you.

If you have any questions, please contact

Thanks for using Presense!

Matt V

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